Watch out world Rollator Classes are coming to Wheel Be dancing!

I’m really excited to announce that we will be very soon incorporating Rollator Dance in our sessions!  Our very own Wheelchair Dance Instructor Patricia Reilly (Tricia) is attending a three day Rollator Course this weekend at the Stoke Mandeville Olympic Lodge – no rest for the wicked!

What is a Rollator? I hear some of you ask!  See below one type of Rollator.  Great for people whose balance is not very good to give them support and confidence.

Tricia will try to get some video footage or photos to share with you so keep tuned!  Check out our video page for a one page video diary from the first ever course she attended (let’s hope she’s not as exhausted as this time!) and some footage of her learning to wheelchair dance.

Tricia                     Rollator

Patricia Reilly (Tricia)                              Rollator



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